General Description

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ExtraChain (ExC) is a lightweight blockchain infrastructure and decentralized storage “ExDFS” allowing creation of high-load dApps (decentralized applications) for both portable, non-portable and IoT devices.

ExtraChain was built with main idea in architecture: connect as many platforms as possible and implement full decentralization of decisionmaking and data storage in network.

ExC nodes are sharing stored resources between each other to empower low performance devices, such as smartphones.

ExtraChain main features:

  • A shared data storage and distributed space of interaction for DApps and DServices – ExDFS (see "Distributed File System");

  • ExC Store – a place, where ExC-based DApp can be shared and integrated with other apps and services, that are using ExC Framework (see "ExC Store");

  • ExC Automated Exchange – ExC-based, integrated exchange service, built on DeFi principles (see "ExC Automated Exchange");

  • Consensus, that combines advantages of Proof-of-Stake and Directed Acyclic Graph architectures (see "ExConsensus");

  • Distributed architecture (see Appendix A) with high scalability (nodes are sharing their resources to increase productivity and new nodes and users create relatively small computing pressure on entire network);

  • All possibilities of base currency are applied to tokens. Tokens inherit all native functions of base coin as Staking and Fee in Tokens. Token creator can enable them at creation stage (see "ExC Tokens");

  • Fast and reliable infrastructure (see "ExtraChain Indicators");

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