ExC Store/Reward Economics

ExC is a universal unit in ExtraChain blockchain. It has different usages:‌

  • Store/Reward Farming;

  • Trading tool at ExC Automated Exchange;

  • Liquidity pool equivalent;

  • Universal synthetic asset measurement unit;

  • Universal equivalent for DApps interaction via ExC Store;

  • DAO governance (if DAO has no specific ExT);

  • Staking tool;

ERC20 ExTokens will be swapped to ExtraCoins according to roadmap.‌

“Store/Reward” system describes coin flow and network participant interactions and possible rewards for network support. System defines 3 roles:

  • User - uses blockchain and ExDFS for personal needs and interacts with services and DrApps built by Service Providers;

  • Service Provider - creator or maintainer of DrApp, that provides certain service for users;

  • Storager - network participant that dedicates a part of their device memory for ExDFS support.

These system roles can be distinguished by the way they interact with ExDFS:

  • User has access to their private directory of ExDFS and to service directories. User mostly stores own data, and uses selected directories and files to interact with services and DrApps.

  • Service Provider operates their own directories and creates a space for users to interact.

  • Storager only stores ExDFS files to support network.

To get a storage in ExDFS, users must do a "Fueling". This is an action of burning ExCoins to create a storage space. Fueling ratio is: 5 ExC = 1 GB at the launch of main network. Burned coins also create conditions for Reward coins to be created and distributed between Storagers. Reward is based on size of storage provided for ExtraChain Network.

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