ExDFS Applications

ExDFS can be applied in various fields:

  • Internal document control and exchange;

  • Healthcare Industry (data storage for sensitive high-priority files, such as medical cards, prescriptions etc.);

  • Human and citizen authorization/verification storage (digital passports, permits, licenses etc.);

  • Proof-of-Ownership for digital and real-life assets (digital items secured by blockchain, art dealership, protected history of ownership for real-life and digital objects);

  • Freight transport industry (data storage for files, that require state logging and access control, such as transport cards, routes, check logs etc.);

  • Information exchange networks (messengers, decentralized file storages, cloud computing data storages etc.);

Data Exchange Automation in ExAPI allows different scenarios:

  • Status update logging via data pipeline at History Chain. This scenario can be applied in freight transport industry to improve freight transport control and state control of transported cargo;

  • Secured and anonymous sensitive data transfer. Healthcare industry can improve security and anonymity of patients via this scenario and speed up data exchange between different medical facilities;

  • Fast human verification via personal secured ExDFS pipeline to user’s directory. This scenario allows fast and reliable human authorization and is vital for universal digital ID card projects, now implemented in different countries;

  • Automated auctions for real-life and digital objects, where participants have direct access to assets and all information about them (history of ownership, licenses, certificates etc.). This scenario improves e-commerce operations by securing the history of ownership and implementing non-fungible reflection of real-life and digital objects, that contains all required data for verification and proof operations;

These functions give ExDFS possibility to be a heart of complex and simple systems of data flow, control and exchange in different fields of business.

Decentralized Social Network is one of the possible usages of ExDFS that demonstrates all main features of ExDFS and blockchain-based interactions.

Blockchain features:

  • Usage of public-key authorisation allows high-level of privacy;

  • Blockchain verification ensures that each user is responsible for their own actions;

  • Interactions secured by public key (ECC) cryptography give highest possible level of protection;

Basic interaction between users is message and content exchange. All messages are grouped in chats, and chats exist in ExDFS as files.

File-based approach presents different features:

  • Access rules for chats:

    • read-only, read/write, read/write/edit;

    • for all users or for selected users;

  • Historical Chain organises messages and ensures, that each message will be delivered and placed at right position;

  • User profiles built as Historical Chain-based files give control over change history;

  • Historical Chain allows user delete message and restore it, if they want;

  • Each chat is file and is backed up in ExtraChain network;

All features above make messaging consistent and no messages will be “not delivered” or lost.

Message exchange also uses ExC securing mechanism. Asymmetric encryption protects user privacy and ensures that each participant is authentic. Also, it is possible to create big group chats with shared session keys, where each user join or removal activates new session key generation. This algorithm prevents uncontrollable rejoin and allows users to read chat data that was previously accessible for the user. Furthermore, it is possible to ban one or multiple users via key regeneration and re-encryption of data.

Unlike existing implementations of blockchain messengers and social networks, we are offering other, file- and Historical Chain-based approach - Distributed Storage Messenger and Social Network. Let’s compare existing and ExDFS-based solutions.

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