ExC Store

ExC Store is the most powerful tool for ExC DApp integration: ExC Store is a place, where ExC-based DApp can be shared and integrated with other apps and services, that are using ExC Framework. ExC Store includes several interactable API-s and ExDFS resources to ensure that every app, created with ExC Framework, has possible access to other user-created services. ExC Store offers several ways of interaction:

  • Coin-Token interaction: different apps with different internal tokens can work together via “quick exchange” mechanism from ExC Automated Exchange (see below);

  • Service integration: apps built as services can be integrated into other apps via standardized APIs. User-created payment service integrated in other apps can serve as example;

  • Data integration: single-profile authorization and peer-to-peer data exchange between apps. Apps can interact with ExC user profile to extract basic data for authorization and share their unique-named fields of user profile. This type of interaction serves for unification of access and data management;

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