Additional Features

ExConsensus also includes DAG and Proof-of-Stake features.

DAG features:

  • Possible existence of branched chains;

  • Multiple genesis blocks;

  • Each block and transaction can have more than one connection (token creation and transactions, genesis blocks);

  • Non-limited block size;

These features allow faster search and smaller amount of blocks needed to interact with blockchain. ExC requires 100 blocks and genesis block (blockchain snapshot) to securely interact with main chain.

PoS features:

  • Cashback – up to 80% of transaction fee can be returned to tx sender, if other nodes prove that only 2 nodes from required 10 made similar block check and proved its coherence.

  • Rewards – PoS rewards are paid from each proved transaction. Users can stake their coins and receive rewards based on formula:

StakingModifier is a control coefficient and equals to 0.5

  • Staking scheme applies to main coin and all tokens (if this feature is enabled by creator);

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